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Hi, I'm Emily! This is essentially my creative space where I experiment & play & think about finding new ways of creating meaningful work for others using my camera. Brian, my husband, is a software developer by day and helps out behind the scenes in a million ways. But more importantly, Brian is the drone guy and does all the aerial imagery.  We always have lots of projects & collabs going on, so visit often! Or contact me to join in, I'd love to work with you!


It's funny, but photography was originally more a logistic career move than one born of artistic expression. As a long time piano teacher + music major, I already had my "muse" at the piano. But when my youngest kiddo was preparing for kindergarten, I realized I needed a day job! "Hey, I could do Real Estate photography!" Sounds practical. So I bought a camera, invested in a mentor,  bought a slew of online courses and got going.

What started as a part time endeavor quickly turned into a true passion as I realized just how fulfilling photography is. And how absolutely important it is! When I was growing up, my family didn't place much value on "family pictures" other than the classic church directory shot. When I was 22, I lost my mom to breast cancer. It was the hardest thing I've ever lived through. At 24, my Dad moved out of my childhood home, and pulled up to my apartment one afternoon with six grey tote boxes filled with every loose photo, print, and album that documented my life to that point. In the mess I found about 12 photos of my Mom and I together in the 22 years I was blessed enough to have her in my life.


Now that I have 2 boys of my own, I make sure we purchase family photos every year, for me and for them. I want to be able to see their little faces growing up, and show them what a special relationship we have. I want them to sit on the couch and look up at a gallery of images showing them how important the relationships between us are. This is probably at the root of my "why" behind running this business. I know how busy life gets, and how easy it is to get stuck scrambling to do all the things. As the Mom it feels like a hassle to put down the 12 bags, try to get in the picture with my boys, and actually get a shot of everyone looking at the camera. 


I hope to make a difference in the lives of those in front of my camera by offering them a truly important service & heirloom products that will live with them for years to come.

the studio

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Upper Level Studio B

35 Water Street

Excelsior, MN 55331

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