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Welcome, thanks for visiting my site! So, where do I start? Well, I am comfortable in the space of flexibility, possibility, and variation. I love being open to new ideas, to sudden inspiration, to changing plans, and to creative nuance. It doesn't matter to me that I might have to work a little harder to get there, to study longer in order to get it right, or put more of my time into a project to give it that extra finesse and detail.  I've always been an artist, and I love the process of creating. 

Why work with me? Well, quite simply: I'm easy to work with. I'm easy to talk to, open up and feel comfortable with, and incorporate your vision into the work. I care about your business and will be reliable in what I promise to you. I come with the mindset to serve your business. I truly want to see you be successful and thrive.

My background is actually in the art of music, piano being my speciality. I was a music major at Luther College, and continued on to get my Master's of Music degree in Piano Pedagogy (teaching, basically!) from Bowling State University in Ohio. My education in photography is a culmination of working with mentors, online coursework, and regular personal projects that test my knowledge of lighting and composition.

Outside of photography I have a wonderful family with two boys. We live in Minnetonka, MN and always have projects or science experiments in process around the house. My husband Brian works as a software developer for a start-up company based in San Francisco. We love being outdoors biking, running, camping, and swimming. Since Brian and I both work out of the home, we tend to be around the house a lot. When not at home, we try to get as much travel in as possible, and can't wait for the days coming when our boys are old enough to do some serious travel and living abroad.... we hope!

my family work can be seen here

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