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9 Essentials to bring along to your Senior Photo Session

If you are getting your senior photos taken this summer or fall, you might be starting to plan out the details with your Senior Photographer. After planning what to wear or where to go, the next logical step is to pack your bag! Similar to taking a vacation, you don't want to be stranded on location and dying for some of these essentials! Like my mama always said....proper prior planning prevents painfully poor performance.

Pack It Up

Now, if your photographer is a mom like me who is used to sherpa-ing bags around, she's probably already got a backup cart with lots of this stuff, but it doesn't hurt for you to have your own too!


Tote bags and Backpacks are great to use but watch out not to crumple your clothing up and stuff it in! You don't want wrinkled clothing in your shots. Better to press and hang on a hanger!

The Quick List

  1. Refillable Water bottle

  2. Clips, Binders, Pins

  3. Lint Roller

  4. Sunglasses & Hat

  5. Comfy Shoes

  6. Makeup, Brush & Mirror

  7. Small Towel

  8. A Legacy Item

  9. Nude Undergarments that won't peak

The Details

1. Water Bottle: It's so handy to have a water bottle at your Senior Photo Session that won't leak. You can toss it into a bag, drop it, abuse it and it will keep loving you. Chances are that you'll be battling some heat and walking a fair amount, so be prepared!

2. Clips, Binders & Pins: Ladies, this one is for you. I will probably ask you at some point to put your hair back, or cinch a shirt that is blowing in the wind. It's so nice to have a hair binder in your pocket, or a few safety pins to make sure we're not getting wonky pillowy tops that make you look bigger than you are.

3. Lint Roller: Because we try to "Get it right in camera" instead of me spending and extra 20 minutes in Photoshop swiping out every little white spot.

4. Sunglasses & Hat: And maybe an extra belt too. We are trying to create a collection of images with VARIETY - not just 40 shots that all look the same of you sitting in the grass. Adding a cute shot wearing sunglasses or a hat just gives us more to choose from!

5. Comfy Shoes: Even if we don't wear them in the photos, you're going to be getting your steps in today....and you don't want to be doing it with 4 inch heels on. Grab a comfy pair of flip flops or sneakers you can toss on in between shots when it's time to walk to the next location!

6. Makeup, Hair Brush, and a Mirror: Most shoots last at least an hour (most closer to 2-3 hours), so you're likely going to want to freshen up the lip color a few times, tweak the makeup, and brush the snarls out. Toss these things into your backpack so you've got them if you need them!

7. Small Towels/Rags: This is an often overlooked item that you'll be using for everything! Whether it's to dap off the sweat, sit on so you don't get your white jeans dirty, or clean off a sketchy bench you'll be glad you've got one or two!

8. A Legacy Item: If you're a sentimental soul like me, you're going to be soooo glad you included this in 10 years! Think of one or two items that are very meaningful to you, and include those in your photos. It could be a pearl necklace your grandma gave you as a birthday gift, or an old childhood lovie, or the car you restored, or the tennis racket you won the district championship with. It could even be the post-it drawing your dad gave you that you keep in your pocket during the shoot. Remember, you're going to have a collection of 15-30 images you'll keep, so if even 2 or 3 of those included your legacy item you'll be glad you did! And so will your Mom. And your Grandma.

9. Nude Undergarments: This one is often overlooked but can easily ruin your photo! You don't want to be running through that flower field but see a hint of a bright pink underwear line showing through your dress. Or a purple bra strap under that white tank top. Bring a few different properly-fitted undergarments if you are wearing shirts or dresses with different necklines or thin fabrics!

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