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Open House & Special Offer during Excelsior Apple Fest 2020


CLICK HERE to go to my Families Page. Fill out the form about half way down that says "want more session information" and you'll be emailed the link to my full page called the Family Session Guide. From there you can book your session directly! Or email me at emily@emilyjohnphotography.com and I'll send you the info.

Hey Friends and New Visitors!

Welcome to Emily John Photography Studio. Perhaps you know me or have worked with me over these past 4 years, then welcome back! If you are new to my work, then welcome aboard!

I know 2020 has affected us all differently. For me, one unexpected side affect of seeing the world shut down and spending months in distance learning purgatory was a sense of urgency. A sense that if I don't leap and follow my dreams now; than when? If I keep thinking about all the great things I want to do but don't actually take small daily steps to do them it will forever remain just a dream. If I keep telling myself "not this spring...wait until the boys are older" "not this year, wait until my husband gets a raise" "not this season, it's a global pandemic for cryin' out loud" that's just me holding myself at bay.

So in mid-August 2020 I took the leap and signed a lease on the most beautiful little space in downtown Excelsior MN. My goal is to create a warm & welcoming place where people around me can come and feel uplifted and safe. Where we can experiment and play and create artwork that is both meaningful and beautiful. Being inside offers a few advantages, namely a consistency of light and space you can't get outside and the ease of temp control, a couch to sit on when it's not your turn, and a bathroom right around the corner. The unique perk of my studio location is that we can have both inside and outside. When you purchase a Full session we can do a few outside and a few inside photos. Or we can have a landing place for clothing changes and a quick bathroom break if we are mostly outside. I've already tried this with a handful of High School Senior Photos and it really works slick!

To celebrate and start promoting my little studio to the greater Lake Minnetonka audience, I'm offering a little sale. Book a family session at EJP studio during what would have been Apple Days in downtown Excelsior between Sept 16-20th and get $50 off. Book soon!

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the studio

Studio Location:

Upper Level Studio B

35 Water Street

Excelsior, MN 55331

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