​Showcase your next listing with beautiful, high quality images and dependable customer service with Emily John Photography. With one phone call, you have solved the marketing piece of your next listing. I operate with careful attention to detail, appointments as soon as the next day, quick photo delivery turnaround, and friendly professional service to you and your clients. I use the latest in flash and ambient techniques and hand retouch each image to make sure the selling features of the room or exteriors are brought to life. Your listing is hosted on a modern tour platform that provides a custom website, virtual tour, option to add floor plans and other media, printable brochures and flyers and management of multiple listings. It's super easy!


*by Finished Square Footage

  Up to 1,000: $180

  1000-2000: $200

  2001-3000: $220

  3001-4000: $260

  4501-5000: $300

  Over 5000: Contact for quote

All Residential Real Estate photography includes high quality retouched and downloadable photos, a virtual tour, and hosting. The photos are hosted on a modern tour platform and include a website with a branded landing page, stunning virtual tour, options to create customizable brochures, and options to include add-ons like floor plans, arial photography, and videos. Guaranteed prompt and friendly service for your clients and a keen attention to detail in every photo. The number of photos depends on each individual property but averages 2-4 shots per room and 4-8 shots of the exterior. Photos delivered by noon the following day and usually sooner.

To schedule your photography, call Emily at (612) 229-9334.

Real Estate Ad Ons

Zillow Walkthrough Tour: $25

Potential buyers are 300% more likely to view your listing on Zillow if you include the Zillow walkthrough tour. This is a short, stabilized tour of the interior with 5-7 second clips of a full home walkthrough. 

Amenities: starting at $50

Real Estate Photography packages focus on the interior and exterior of the home or condo, but it is optional to add extra photos of amenities. These would include outbuildings on the property, local parks or beaches, community amenities in a condo building or any other selling point that you would like to feature.

Twilight Shoot: $150

Showcase the beauty and warmth of your home with a twilight photo shoot. Additional lighting is used to give a beautiful landing photo of your home that catches the eye. 

Property Feature Video: starting at $300

Includes a 3 minute HD video to music. 

Drone Photography: starting at $150

Seasonal Exterior and Interior Re-Shoot: call for price


What areas do you service?

I live in Minnetonka and will drive anywhere within 25 miles for free. If your listing is further out, I charge an

extra .50/mile.

When will I have access to my tour?

   Turn around time is by 1:00pm next business day. 

How do I access my Tour?

   I use Tourbuzz to deliver images and slideshow tours. New customers will receive a username and password to log into the site. From there you can manage all your media and listings from a dashboard, customize tours, get statistics on website traffic, add banners or QR codes, and much more! 


Can I customize my Tour?

   Definitely! You can choose the layout, background colors, music, add your branding and headshot, and see multiple property listings from the master dashboard. Or you can just let me know your preferences and I'll put it together for you!

Do you have a referral program?
   Yes I do! When you refer me to a colleague who books me, they will get 25% off their first listing and you'll also get 25% off your next listing. This is the only discount I offer and do not price match to the lowest Real Estate photography company in town. I feel like the quality of my photography and service is worth the fair price.

Am I required to be present during the photo shoot?

   No, unless you want to. I do need access into the home and do not own a Supra Key at this time.

What if the weather is bad on my scheduled shoot day?
   We'll work together to decide the best course of action. It might mean rescheduling to next available time, or shooting through the bad weather and trying to make the best of it in post processing.

Do I have copyrights to the photos?

   As with most Real Estate Photographers, this service comes with a Limited License Release of photos. I give you the rights to use the photos for the specific purpose of marketing the listing until the listing is sold, or 1 year, whichever comes first. If a third party (the builder, interior designer, landscaper, etc) would like any images, or if the listing is cancelled and later given to another Realtor, they may be purchase images directly from me. If you would like to use any images in your general marketing materials, please ask me first! If you plan to share on Social Media, I would appreciate being tagged! Please see the Real Estate Service Agreement for more details!


Why should I choose you over one of the "big name" Real Estate Photography companies in town?

   That's a good question, and one I've been asked before! First, when I come shoot your listing I am using only the highest quality equipment for extra clarity, color richness, and wide angle of view in each shot. I shoot Canon, use primarily 17mm and 24mm Tilt Shift Lenses, battery powered monolights instead of speedlights, and lots of extras to ensure each shot is professional quality. I hand retouch my images in Photoshop and don't outsource to third-party retouchers. I am committed to giving "boutique" quality consistent customer service to you and the homeowner. I arrive on time, call you back right away, am friendly and courteous, and will go above and beyond to accommodate schedule changes, bad weather, messy rooms, barking dogs or whatever else comes my way. I'm very easy to work with and tend to keep my clients for a long time because they love working with me. 


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